H&R Block no surprise guarantee

With Block, no surprises means no tax stress

When it comes to taxes, surprises are no fun. That’s why we have our No Surprise Guarantee. It includes upfront, transparent pricing, our transparent process, free audit assistance, and a mid-year care check-in no matter what product you select. And should you be surprised with any of these, we’ll give you 20% off next year’s tax preparation fees. Bet you didn’t expect that.

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H&R Block No Surprise Guarantee

Upfront transparent pricing

Know the price as you file, in-person or online.

Transparent process

Track your progress while you file online or in-person.

Free audit assistance

We’ll explain the position taken by the IRS and help you understand how to respond, free of charge.

Mid-year care check-in

Reminders and tools to assess your withholdings to ensure you’re not surprised at tax time. If needed, in-office consultation, free of charge.

* At participating locations.

Know the price upfront when you file with a tax pro

With H&R Block upfront transparent pricing, you’ll know the price before you begin when you file with a tax pro. Plus, you can follow along on your own screen during your tax preparation for transparency. And, of course, you’ll also receive free audit assistance a mid-year care check-in throughout the year.

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No surprises when you file online

Our Price Preview feature allows you to see your price while you’re preparing your own taxes online. And you’ll get real-time insights into any increases or decreases to your refund as you go. And, of course, you’ll also receive free audit assistance and mid-year care check-in throughout the year.


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