How Do I Upgrade to Tax Pro Review?

Preparing your return with a do-it-yourself program gives you the freedom to do your taxes on your own schedule. However, you might want to have a professional check your return to ensure nothing’s missed and guarantee that you receive the largest refund possible.

What is Tax Pro Review?

With our virtual review service, you can have one of our knowledgeable tax experts double-check your completed return — without ever leaving your home. Your tax pro will review your completed filing to check that everything was completed correctly and make sure you receive every credit and deduction you deserve.

How to add Tax Pro Review

Complete your federal and state returns with us online. After you see your Tax Summary screens, you’ll see the Tax Pro Review add-on screen. Just click to add our service to your return. The cost of Tax Pro Review is based on your tax complexity.

Finish your return, then we’ll guide you through sending your return, forms, and questions to your tax pro.

Within three days, your Tax Pro Review tax pro will review your entire return, making sure you haven’t missed any refund-boosting credits and deductions. Once you sign-off on your return, your tax pro will e-file everything for you.

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