Time to even the score.

While college athletes can now make money by selling their name, image, and likeness (NIL) rights, female athletes are getting fewer opportunities and less compensation than their male peers. It’s time we give them a fair shot.

Women’s equity is the name of the game.

The numbers don’t lie. NCAA Division I male athletes are out earning Division I female athletes in NIL compensation by a long shot. H&R Block is committing millions of dollars to help level the playing field. 

men 62.7% women 37.3% total compensation comparison

Everyone should get every dollar they deserve – not just during Tax Season.

 H&R Block is championing equity in college sports by committing millions of dollars in sponsorship support and tax prep assistance to female athletes. We’re teaming up with female college athletes lending their voices to this important cause.

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University of South Carolina

Zia Cooke

A “Fair Shot” alumna, Zia is a two-time Gold Medalist and collegiate basketball player for the South Carolina Gamecocks. She has received McDonald’s All-American honors, and was named a finalist for the Naismith Player of the Year award. Zia continues to dominate in her senior season, as the team works toward another NCAA championship.

Florida Agriculture and Mechanical University

Aniya Hoggatt

Aniya goes above and beyond in more ways than one – first as a jumper on the FAMU Women’s Track & Field team, and also as a member of Alpha Kappa Psi and Scholars of Finance. She not only prides herself on being a student athlete, but also being heavily involved in the community, on campus, as well as in her sport.

University of Oklahoma

Jordy Bahl

Jordy is a sophomore pitcher for the University of Oklahoma softball team, where she helped the Sooners win the 2022 NCAA Women’s College World Series. Her individual awards include being voted the 2022 National Freshman of the Year, and receiving All-American honors.

California State University, Northridge

Anessa Campos

Anessa is a third-year student at Cal-State Northridge, a star player for their Division 1 women’s soccer team, and has been nearly 100% deaf for her entire life. She was a member of the 2022 U.S. Deaf Women’s National Soccer Team that won the Olympic Gold Medal at the Deaflympics in Brazil, and is looking forward to bringing home a second consecutive gold medal in 2023.

A team effort.

Picture of Emma Grace Berni

Emma Grace Berni

University of Montevallo


Picture of Sydney Large

Sydney Large

Central Oklahoma University


Picture of Belle Kuhnert

Belle Kuhnert

College of Charleston


Picture of Grace Lyons

Grace Lyons

University of Oklahoma


Picture of Carson Branstine

Carson Branstine

Texas A&M University


Picture of Alexa Rossum

Alexa Rossum

Stanford University

Track & Field (Sprints)

Picture of Kaylin Strahan

Kaylin Strahan

Clark Atlanta University

Track & Field (Hurdles)

Picture of Maya Green

Maya Green

University of California, Berkeley


Picture of Katie Beiler

Katie Beiler

University of Louisville


Picture of Keonilei Akana

Keonilei Akana

University of Texas


Picture of Etta Carpender

Etta Carpender

University of Texas


Picture of Anna Jensen

Anna Jensen

University of Texas


Picture of Karenna Groff

Karenna Groff

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Picture of Sam Swart

Sam Swart

Syracuse University

Field Hockey/Lacrosse

Picture of Amaya Gainer

Amaya Gainer

Florida Agriculture and Mechanical University


Picture of Derrian Gobourne

Derrian Gobourne

University of Auburn


Picture of Icie Cockerham

Icie Cockerham

Southern Mississippi University


Picture of Mia Ewell

Mia Ewell

Morgan State University


Picture of Paige McCormick

Paige McCormick

University of Louisville

Swim & Dive

Picture of Olivia Rothfeld

Olivia Rothfeld

Towson University


Picture of Lauren Waddles

Lauren Waddles

Samford University


Picture of Corey Friedenbach

Corey Friedenbach

San Diego State University

Track & Field (Middle Distance)

Picture of Yasmeen Tinsley

Yasmeen Tinsley

Monmouth University

Track & Field (Distance)

Picture of Savannah Vach

Savannah Vach

University of Miami


Picture of Nicklin Hames

Nicklin Hames

University of Nebraska


Picture of Julieanne Bou

Julieanne Bou

Marquette University


Picture of Reagan Martinsen

Reagan Martinsen

Central Michigan University

Field Hockey/Lacrosse

Picture of Nicole Hansen

Nicole Hansen

University of Nebraska Omaha


Picture of Breana Cook

Breana Cook

Norfolk State University


Picture of Emily Oden

Emily Oden

University of Minnesota

Ice Hockey

Picture of Jadyn Jay

Jadyn Jay

University of Kansas


Picture of Shani Idlette

Shani Idlette

Clark Atlanta University


Picture of Jordynn Cromartie

Jordynn Cromartie

Fisk University


Picture of Alaina Rochert

Alaina Rochert

Michigan State University


Picture of Paris Washington

Paris Washington

Southern University


Picture of Avery Connors

Avery Connors

Aquinas College

Swim & Dive

Picture of Olivia King

Olivia King

University of Minnesota

Ice Hockey

Picture of Asha Fletcher

Asha Fletcher

University of California, Berkeley

Track & Field

Picture of Ayoka Lee

Ayoka Lee

Kansas State University


Picture of Jaiden Fields

Jaiden Fields

University of Georgia


Picture of Lexi Rodriguez

Lexi Rodriguez

University of Nebraska


Picture of Emily Cole

Emily Cole

Duke University

Track & Field (Distance)

Picture of Trinity Thomas

Trinity Thomas

University of Florida


Picture of Jayda Coleman

Jayda Coleman

University of Oklahoma


Picture of Grace Mccallum

Grace Mccallum

University of Utah


Athlete Reach – 2023

Map of United States with schools and states highighted

Schools Represented

  • Aquinas College
  • California State University - Northridge
  • Central Michigan University
  • Central Oklahoma University
  • Clark Atlanta University
  • College of Charleston
  • Duke University
  • Fisk University
  • Florida Agriculture and Mechanical University (FAMU)
  • Kansas State University
  • Marquette University
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • Michigan State University
  • Monmouth University
  • Morgan State University
  • Norfolk State University
  • Samford University
  • San Diego State University
  • Southern Mississippi University
  • Southern University
  • Stanford University
  • Syracuse University
  • Texas A&M University
  • Towson University
  • University of Auburn
  • University of California - Berkley
  • University of California - Los Angeles
  • University of Florida
  • University of Georgia
  • University of Kansas
  • University of Louisville
  • University of Miami
  • University of Minnesota
  • University of Montevallo
  • University of Nebraska
  • University of Nebraska Omaha
  • University of Oklahoma
  • University of South Carolina
  • University of Texas
  • University of Utah

Sports Represented

Map of United States with schools and states highighted

Victory through teamwork.

Just like in sports, we believe success is best when shared. It’s why this year we’ve partnered with other like-minded brands to carry on our mission to help female athletes – regardless of their sport, division, location, or size of school – get their fair shot at earning the money their talents earned.

Whatever your tax situation, we’ve got you covered.

A winning tax strategy for student athletes.

We’re bringing our tax preparation and filing expertise to college athletes to help them navigate their changing financial circumstances. New rules and new income mean new tax considerations, and we’re here to make Tax Season a winning season.

Helping all college students file with confidence.

Winning in the classroom is hard enough. It’s why we help to make tax filing for college students as easy as possible.

Whatever your tax situation, we’ve got you covered.