Compare Tax Services and Gain Tax-Time Confidence

Choosing a company to help you with your taxes can be a big decision. After all, at tax time, you want to know that your taxes are being done right and feel confident you’re getting the most money back possible. If you’re comparing tax services or contemplating switching to H&R Block, be sure to consider these factors so you feel confident that you’re getting the best outcome.

Finding the Best Tax Service: What to Look For

When it’s time to consider different tax services, you should take a close look at the criteria that really matters to find the best tax service for you.

Tax Preparer Knowledge – Tax laws are not static and, quite often, neither is your tax situation. You need a true expert who knows the ins and outs of taxes and understands how they relate to you now and as your life changes.

H&R Block Tax Pros have more than 10 years of experience and more than 100 hours of training on average. They speak the tricky language of taxes and know how to look into your life to find the best outcome for you.

Maximum Refund Assurance – It’s important to know that your tax professional has done everything to get you your maximum refund and accurately file your return. How will they address it if something’s missed? You want to find a company that will stand behind it’s work.

Working with a Tax Pro at H&R Block means you’ve got an expert dedicated to getting you the most money back possible.Disclaimer number84. Scroll to bottom of page. If you discover an H&R Block error on your return that entitles you to a larger refund (or smaller tax liability), we’ll refund the tax prep fee for that return and file an amended return at no additional charge.

Your Experience – Convenience, friendliness and trust are all important to your tax preparation experience. Walk into one of Block’s thousands of offices across the country and you’ll work with our knowledgeable, friendly tax experts. You’ll sit with your Tax Pro and see step-by-step how they get you your maximum refund. You even have your own computer monitor so you can follow along if you like.

We’re so certain you’ll be satisfied with tax preparation services at our offices, you’ll only pay us if you accept your return.Disclaimer number85. Scroll to bottom of page.

H&R Block vs. the Other Guys

If you’ve used another tax provider in the past, you may wonder how H&R Block compares. When it comes to what matters, it’s easy to see how Block’s expertise, guarantees and experience stacks up. It’s why we’ve been an industry leader for more than 60 years.

Make an Appointment with one of our Tax Pros and experience the H&R Block difference.

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