IRS Letter 2904 – Request for Information

The Taxpayer Advocate Service is requesting additional information.

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Type of Notice: Account information or change

Most common tax problem area: IRS bill for unpaid taxes

Other tax problem areas: IRS return and account problems, IRS penalties

Why you received IRS Letter 2904

  1. You contacted the Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS) to request assistance with an IRS issue.
  2. The TAS sent Letter 2904 to request that you provide additional information so they can assist with resolving your issue.

Your options to address IRS Letter 2904

  1. Provide the documentation requested

Notice deadline: It varies, refer to the notice

If you miss the deadline: The TAS may be unable to assist you.

Want more help?

Your tax professional can deal with the IRS for you. Learn more about H&R Block’s Tax Audit & Notice Services. Or make an appointment for a free consultation with a local tax professional by calling 855-536-6504 or finding a local tax pro.

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