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H&R Block with Watson

H&R Block introduced a new, exclusive, consumer-facing experience that incorporates IBM Watson. The technology was used by H&R Block’s tax professionals in tax season 2017 to help deliver the best outcome for each unique tax situation, while helping clients better understand how different filing options can impact their tax outcome.

Noteable Quotes

Photo: Bill Cobb

We are introducing something this tax season that is totally new, and is in fact, a first in the tax preparation category. By combining the human expertise, knowledge and judgment of our tax professionals with the cutting-edge cognitive computing power of Watson, we are creating a future where our clients will benefit from an enhanced experience and our tax pros will have the latest technology to help them ensure every deduction and credit is found. This partnership with Watson means we can leverage the best technology available to help our clients get their taxes won.

Bill Cobb

Former H&R Block President and CEO
Photo: Kathy Collins

This partnership with IBM to apply Watson represents a huge innovation in the tax preparation industry. We are launching it on the biggest stage – the Super Bowl – to ask consumers to rethink their current tax preparation method, and question whether they got back everything they deserved. We know there is nothing more important than optimizing their outcome – or, in other words – getting their taxes won.

Kathy Collins

Former Chief Marketing Officer
Photo: David Kenny

IBM has shown how complex, data-rich industries such as healthcare, retail and education are being transformed through the use of Watson. Now with H&R Block, we’re applying the power of cognitive computing in an entirely new way that everyone can relate to and benefit from – the tax prep process. We’re excited to see H&R Block’s tax professionals, leaders in their field, join their expertise with Watson to enhance the client experience and help millions of individuals file their returns during tax season.

David Kenny

Senior Vice President, IBM Watson and Cloud Platform

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