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H&R Block advances transformation strategy with new vice presidents

4 min read

4 min read

February 17, 2020

U.S. retail and information technology H&R Block executives to improve tax pro experience, deliver improved virtual client experience and enhance operational excellence

To take its tax experience from industry leading to industry defining, H&R Block (NYSE: HRB) has focused on elevating its talent and culture, most recently in promoting four H&R Block executives and hiring one to vice president roles in its U.S. retail and information technology organizations.

“H&R Block’s greatest strength and opportunity is its people,” said Jeff Jones, H&R Block president and CEO. “Our talent, including our newly promoted and hired vice presidents, is what empowers our transformation journey we first embarked upon last year.”

Mark Darling, workforce planning and tax pro experience, U.S. retail

Mark Darling was promoted to vice president of workforce planning and tax pro experience. In this role, Darling is responsible for implementing processes and tools to deliver efficiencies and optimization while improving tax professionals’ work experience. Darling was previously a top-performing regional director in the east market and has been with H&R Block for six years, leading offices and districts from Florida to New York City. Before joining H&R Block, Darling worked for Bijoux Bellagio and Sprint.

Amy Walker, remote tax preparation, U.S. retail

Amy Walker was promoted to vice president of remote tax preparation to lead H&R Block’s virtual fulfillment strategy. In addition to holding several different roles within H&R Block’s finance and U.S. retail organizations, Walker has led several projects focused on optimizing various processes and leading product pilot programs. With seven years at H&R Block, Walker has a background in finance and has worked at CommunityAmerica Credit Union, Embarq, Sprint, Marriott International and Deloitte. She is a certified public accountant as well as an H&R Block tax professional.

“We know the success of our tax professionals is the key to our future growth. Their expertise and the care they offer our clients is our human advantage and one reason why it is better with Block,” said Karen Orosco, senior vice president of U.S. retail for H&R Block. “Another reason it is better with Block is that we can help you however you choose to file. So while we focus on improving our tax pros’ experience to provide even better care and expertise to our clients, we are also ensuring our remote and virtual tax professionals can consistently deliver a great client experience.”

Mark Kelly, cloud, infrastructure and operations, information technology

Mark Kelly joined H&R Block as the vice president of cloud, infrastructure and operations after 25 years of experience in architecture, engineering, and DevOps in the media and software industries. Kelly spent the last eight years leading the cloud migration efforts for Discovery, Inc., including high traffic and well-known sites such as Foodnetwork.com, HGTV.com, and TravelChannel.com.

Bret Reimer, information technology for Canada

Bret Reimer was promoted to vice president of information technology for Canada. In this role, Reimer is responsible for all technology across H&R Block Canada. Reimer has been with H&R Block since 2013, most recently serving as an IT director leading the development of H&R Block tax applications. Previously, Reimer had roles with Cerner and ConocoPhillips.

John Roe, modern tax platforms, information technology

John Roe was promoted to the role of vice president of modern tax platforms. In this role, Roe is responsible for leading the delivery of H&R Block’s first set of cloud native applications utilizing DevOps practices to completely change the way applications are built and supported. Roe has been with H&R Block since 2005, serving in roles as an IT director and manager over many areas of the company. Before joining H&R Block, Roe worked for Birch Telecom, RiverPoint, Sprint and George Butler Associates.

“Building operational excellence in our information technology infrastructure and tax platforms simplifies how work gets done and creates greater quality and consistency of execution,” said Alan Lowden, senior vice president and chief information officer for H&R Block. “It’s better with Block because of the choice and expertise we offer, and the right technology systems empower our brand.”

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