Kick off the New Year with savings at tax time

January 03, 2020 : Heather Watts

H&R Block recently conducted a survey and found 94% of DIY taxpayers want to save more money in 2020 than they did throughout 2019. If you’re raising your hand in agreement, here are a few simple things that will set yourself up for tax season success as you ring in the new year.

  1. Think about how you filed last year: Which tax provider did you use? If you’re open to options, it’s easy to switch from another online service to H&R Block Online in as little as two clicks. Identifying if you can file for free using H&R Block Free Online is a great way to kick off financial savings in 2020. More people can file for free with H&R Block Free Online, including students and parents, than with TurboTax. More complex filers can save at least $10 versus TurboTax. We think everyone can appreciate an extra $10 – or more – in their pocket.
  2. Get your tax documents ready: Now is the time to ensure you have everything ready so you’re not scrambling to gather tax information and documents before crunch time. Don’t jeopardize any important refunds or credits due to procrastination and lost receipts. Did you donate to charity this year? Gather your paperwork now while you have plenty of time to locate everything.
  3. Make a list of all sources of income: self-employment, unemployment, retirement or anticipating a typical W2 form? There are many areas to consider, and now is the perfect time to make a list of all revenue sources. Account for rental income, savings and investments or dividends as well as other gains and losses: gambling income, hobby/side hustle revenue, trusts, prizes and even alimony.

Surprises are for birthday parties, not taxes.

No one enjoys a last-minute surprise about the cost of tax prep, especially if it’s more than they expected when they started. Our online, DIY tax products are rooted in upfront, transparent pricing for each unique tax situation.

We believe you should be able to file with the confidence of knowing your price upfront and be provided any updates along the way. If you start with a free return, you should either end with a free return or be alerted as the price changes along the way for any reason. That’s what we deliver with Price Preview: keeping you aware of any changes in real-time. H&R Block also provides real-time insights into refund increases and decreases as you go.

We know price transparency is important to consumers. When we conducted this survey, more than half (57%) of DIY tax filers reported they believe there should be pricing transparency in tax prep. We are dedicated to transparent pricing and a transparent process for every unique tax situation.

Along with price and process transparency, we offer free audit assistance where we’ll explain the position taken by the IRS and help you understand how to respond. We also provide a free midyear tax check-in that includes reminders, tools and an optional free in-office consultation to keep you on track and help avoid unwelcome tax surprises next year.

H&R Block offers more ways to get help, any way you want or need it.

If you’re a filer who benefits from a little (or a lot) of extra help, H&R Block has you covered. H&R Block Online AssistSM is for people who want to file on their own but may want help from a tax expert along the way. Much like having a tax pro sit right next to you, it offers unlimited, on-demand access to a highly trained tax expert via chat session, screen share or phone call.

Finally, we guarantee your maximum refund and 100% accuracy.

Visit to check out our 2020 online tax filing options and learn how you can switch to H&R Block Online in as little as two clicks to kick off the new year with savings.

Heather Watts

Heather Watts is Senior Vice President and General Manager of H&R Block’s DIY Tax business. She is directly responsible for all product and business strategy for the company’s growing do-it-yourself tax business. Heather oversees all the development, design, marketing and end-to-end client experience of all H&R Block online, software and mobile tax products and solutions.

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