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DIY Value, Features and Benefits

5 min read

5 min read

March 01, 2018

H&R Block

In tax season 2017, the total number of tax returns completed using H&R Block DIY products surpassed 100M. That’s 100M tax returns done by DIYers on their smartphones, laptops, tablets and personal computers since the products were first offered in tax season 1994. In tax season 2018, H&R Block’s DIY products continue to offer clients products that deliver exceptional value, are backed by tax experts and leverage innovation.

  • H&R Block DIY online products will again include H&R Block More Zero℠, Tax Pro Review℠ is being (re)introduced, and all online products come with maximum refund and 100 percent accuracy guarantees
    • H&R Block More Zero℠ again offers free filing for federal forms 1040EZ, 1040A and 1040 with Schedule A* plus a state return (*filers who itemize because of mortgage payments, child care expenses, charitable donations or medical expenses)
      • Approximately 87 million taxpayers could take advantage of H&R Block More Zero
    • Tax Pro Review℠ gives DIY clients the opportunity to have their completed return reviewed by a tax professional – check/sign/e-file return with a tax professional without going into a tax office
      • Tax Pro Review℠ is the reinvention of H&R Block’s Best of Both service, which the company started offering more than a decade ago
      • Secure document upload and one-on-one communication
      • Tax returns are delivered to clients for review within three days, while competitor turnaround is three business days
      • These tax pros, who are certified at H&R Block’s highest levels, are our most tenured and experienced tax professionals
      • All H&R Block tax pros receive training beyond the minimum standards to remain registered with the IRS
        • The training is required every year to remain employed as an H&R Block-certified tax professional
      • Add-on cost for this service is $49.99-89.99 based on the complexity of the tax return
    • Self-Employed is a new addition to the online product lineup
      • Specifically designed for self-employed and small business owners who file Schedule C (Schedule C-EZ for filers with simple earnings and expenses is included in the Premium online product)
      • Provides a tax prep experience that is tailored to their specific needs, asking questions about different types of income, startup costs, expenses, etc.
      • Integrates the mobile expense tracking app Stride Tax
  • H&R Block DIY desktop products can be downloaded with a CD or with a key code when purchased in a retail location, and it can also be downloaded from hrblock.com and other online retailers
    • Allows up to five federal returns to be e-filed for free, making it an economic choice to share with family and friends
    • All desktop software includes Free In-Person Audit Representation from an H&R Block tax pro (some competitors charge $49.99) and unlimited free tax advice via chat (others charge $19.99) – seemingly similar products can cost over $60 more when using a top competitor’s product
    • Maximum refund, 100 percent accuracy and 100 percent satisfaction guarantees
  • H&R Block Mobile Tax Prep App has been redesigned, and 1099s can be uploaded and W-2s photo-captured – only tax-filing app in the Amazon Fire Store, also available in iOS App Store and Google Play Store
  • H&R Block DIY product features
    • Unlimited live tax advice via chat advice is included at no extra charge with paid online products and all desktop software products (can be added to H&R Block More Zero for $19.99)
    • Refund Transfer gives clients the option to pay for their tax preparation and related costs using their federal tax refund money ($34.95)
    • Tax Identity Care can help better protect clients from tax identity theft with H&R Block’s exclusive prevention and restorative services, and it is available with any DIY product ($14.99)
    • Audit Support can be added by online clients for $19.99 and they also can add Tax Identity Care for $14.99 – these products bundled together cost $24.99 for online clients
    • MyBlock offers secure and safe tax document storage for H&R Block clients, and is accessible via the MyBlock Mobile App (free)

Partnerships — more financial control and access for clients

    • Amazon – all online DIY clients and Amazon desktop software clients are eligible for 5% refund bonus, allowing clients to direct a portion of their tax refund to an Amazon e-gift card — for example, if a client directs $3,000 of their refund to an Amazon gift card, they would receive a total value of $3,150 to spend on Amazon.com
    • Walmart – H&R Block is the sole provider of tax prep, desktop software this tax season at Walmart, Walmart Neighborhood Market and online at walmart.com
    • Stride – the Stride Tax app makes tracking expenses, discovering deductions and preparing returns easier for self-employed taxpayers (integrated with the new Self-Employed online product)
    • United Way – desktop software provider for its MyFreeTaxes program


  • Capability to import W-2s by taking a picture of it with a smartphone or tablet (online and app)
  • With “drag and drop” it’s easier than ever to import prior-year returns done by any tax preparer, and clients can also drag and drop forms W-2, 1098, 1095-A, 1098-E, 1098-T, 1099-R, 1099-INT and 1099-DIV
  • Refund Reveal™ shows taxpayers how and why their refund changes during the process
  • Step-by-step guidance on more than 350 tax credits and deductions


  • Cost – Best value in DIY
  • Confidence – products backed by the tax experts, which include robust self-help features, plus technical and tax support via chat
  • Control – use the product that works best for your situation and guide the process
  • Convenience/flexibility – file on the device of your choice when it is convenient for you

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