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U.S. expats have tax filing help with H&R Block’s new DIY tax software

3 min read

3 min read

February 11, 2021

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Unlike most countries, American expats, which includes U.S. citizens and permanent residents, still need to file U.S. federal income taxes while living and earning income abroad. Tax filing is especially important for U.S. expats because they can be at risk of penalties, or in some cases, losing their passports if they are not compliant. To help expats meet their filing obligations, H&R Block (NYSE: HRB) today announced a new online do-it-yourself tax software for U.S. expats who want to file on their own.

“Expats face tax complexities simply from living abroad. For people who want to take control of their taxes with a DIY solution, H&R Block can help them file accurate returns,” said Jody Vanarsdale, general manager of H&R Block Expat Tax Services. “Designed specifically to meet their unique needs, our online expat software gives U.S. expats the confidence they need to file their expat taxes while knowing they’re getting the best outcome.”

Filing expat taxes with confidence

Avoiding double taxation is key for expats who may not realize if they earn foreign income they still need to file and pay U.S. taxes, in addition to their country of residence. Knowing how to claim tax breaks unique to American citizens living abroad, such as the Foreign Tax Credit and Foreign Earned Income Exclusion, requires tax and expat expertise. Adding to the complexity, U.S. expats also may have special reporting requirements and forms to report money in foreign accounts. H&R Block offers a DIY filing solution built specifically for expats to avoid double taxation and ensure an accurate tax return that meets filing requirements.

All Americans share a tax payment deadline of April 15, however, due to their filing requirements, U.S. expats who are not in the U.S. on April 15 have until June 15 to file.

DIY filing starts at $99 for simpler returns covering employment income, but more complex expat tax situations, such as self-employment income or investment income, like stock options or rental property, can use the product at an additional cost.  Clients looking to catch up on prior year returns should continue to file with an expat tax advisor.

H&R Block Expat Tax Services gives U.S. expat clients the option to choose how they file. Whether they want to have an advisor prepare their taxes or take control of their taxes through DIY filing, H&R Block can provide the expertise expats need. To learn more about the expat DIY tax service or to get started filing taxes today, visit hrblock.com/expat.


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