More than Three Million Have Yet to File Tax Returns

October 07, 2014

H&R Block assists extended filers – including expats and deployed military service members – in meeting Oct. 15 filing deadline

More than a quarter of the approximately 13 million taxpayers who filed tax extensions this year, including U.S. citizens living abroad and military service members deployed overseas, have still not filed a return and must do so by Wednesday, Oct. 15. No matter the reason – whether one is a procrastinator, didn’t have all of the information, or was living overseas, H&R Block (NYSE: HRB), with offices nationwide and filing solutions online and virtually, can help all of these taxpayers.

“This time of year many people feel a little overwhelmed when it comes to some complex or unfamiliar situations regarding their taxes, but they don’t have to go it alone,” said Kathy Pickering, executive director of The Tax Institute at H&R Block. “H&R Block has more offices open right now than any other tax preparation company and they are ready to serve any and all of one’s tax needs.”

Extended filers may need help with paperwork

One reason taxpayers didn’t file by the April 15 deadline could be because they didn’t have their paperwork in order. Taxpayers who use the free My H&R Block Account service can keep track of their paperwork year-round by taking a picture with their smartphone and having that information automatically uploaded into their My H&R Block Account. When the information is uploaded, it can be used by the client or the client’s tax professional to prepare their return.

H&R Block clients who filed an extension before the April deadline can discount the cost of the extension when they file their final tax return with H&R Block.

Americans abroad can get tax help in-person or remotely for Oct. 15 deadline

Taxpayers who are working or retired abroad generally qualified for an automatic two-month extension (to June 16 this year). If they requested an additional extension, they must file by Oct. 15. Expats can get help understanding their filing responsibilities online or have H&R Block tax experts complete their U.S. tax returns, either via a new remote service or in an H&R Block office in more than 14 countries and U.S. territories. H&R Block is the only company that can serve this unique taxpayer in an office abroad or via remote service.

“Taxes can be confusing enough. Throw in the additional complexity of residing or working abroad and the simplest of tax situations can become more complicated,” said Pickering. “Whether the taxpayer has dual citizenship or works or has retired abroad, H&R Block is here to help in-person and online.”

Military members deployed overseas, outside a combat zone, face Oct. 15 filing deadline

Similarly, military service members deployed overseas automatically receive a two-month extension of their tax filing deadline. If they applied for an additional extension, they must file by Oct. 15. However, if their military service is in a combat zone, their filing deadline is automatically extended to the duration of their service plus 180 days. Combat zones include the Arabian Peninsula, Kosovo, Afghanistan and other areas that support operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

For more information about filing tax returns now or for tax tips all yearlong, contact a local H&R Block tax professional. To find the nearest H&R Block office, visit or call 800-HRBLOCK.

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