H&R Block CEO reaffirms commitment to IRS Security Summit

December 12, 2018

As a co-founding member of the IRS Security Summit, H&R Block is proud of the industry collaboration and shared purpose to partner with the IRS and others to focus on reducing stolen identity refund fraud. Since its inception, the IRS has reported that victims of tax identity theft fell by 70 percent, and billions of dollars in taxpayer funds were protected.

While the results have been impressive, we’ve seen since the last meeting of the IRS Security Summit that the criminals continue to increase their attacks and become even more sophisticated in their approach. Our work together remains critical.

Collectively, we strengthen our efforts in this battle through the partnership with others in the tax industry, state tax agencies and the IRS team under the new leadership of IRS commissioner Charles Rettig. I remain fully committed to the important work of the Security Summit to protect the tax ecosystem and help prevent tax identity theft refund fraud.

We are well aware of the devastating effects of stolen identity refund fraud as many taxpayers come to us for help every year after falling victim to this crime. We look forward to continuing to partner with the IRS, states and industry to advance taxpayer protections against this ongoing and evolving threat.

Jeff Jones
President and CEO
H&R Block

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