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per state filed

Software Requirements

Windows 7, 8, or 10
Internet Explorer® 9.0 and above
Firefox 3.6 and above
Chrome 16 and above
Safari 5.1.2 and above

OS 10.8 and above
Firefox 3.6 and above
Chrome 16 and above
Safari 5.1.2 and above

Hardware Requirements

Internet Connection
1024 x 768, SVGA color monitor
Ink jet or laser printer
Speakers and sound card

File your taxes online with confidence, knowing Block is in your corner.

There are plenty of ways to fill out a tax return, but only one way that’s absolutely right for you. And our Deluxe Online tax filing experience is designed to help you find it, by learning your unique, individual tax situation and finding every last deduction you’re entitled to—for your home, investments, retirement income and more.

File federal taxes online with Block and have peace of mind, knowing you’ll always get your maximum refund—guaranteed.

Deluxe Online Tax Filing – Product Features:


Free, Automatic Import

We’ll automatically import your W-2, 1099, and all of last year’s tax data—no matter where you filed. Online tax preparation has never felt so easy.

Free Storage & Access

We’ll store and save your tax returns for up to six years, so you can access your tax data anytime you need it.

Guidance & Support

Guidance for Homeowners

We’ll guide you through maximizing your deductions for home mortgage interest and real estate taxes. (Schedule A)

Unlimited Expert Tax Advice

Our certified experts are available to answer your questions via real-time chat as you file your taxes online.

Precise Reporting


Whether you’ve donated money or goods, or need to report mileage for volunteering, we’ll help you track and value all of the charitable work you’ve done this year to get the most deductions.

Freelance & Independent Contractor Reporting

If you have simple earnings and expenses, we’ll make sure you meet all the requirements of Schedule C‑EZ, and get you as much of your hard-earned money back as possible.

All H&R Block Online Tax Filing Products Include:

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H&R Block Guarantees

Maximum Refund Guarantee

No one gets you more than Block. Get the maximum refund you’re entitled to or your return is free.Disclaimer number6. Scroll to bottom of page.

Audit Support Guarantee

If you receive an IRS or other tax notice related to the return you filed with H&R Block Online, we'll help you understand and respond to that notice at no additional charge. If you're not satisfied with our guidance, we'll refund the full purchase price of your H&R Block Online product.Disclaimer number28. Scroll to bottom of page.

100% Accuracy Guarantee

We stand by our calculations and guarantee that your return is 100% accurate, or we'll reimburse you for any IRS penalties you paid. Get Tax Help and Tax Answers from H&R Block.

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