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Local H&R Block franchisee elected to national council

May 15, 2018Tony Temple, franchise owner of the Kingsley H&R Block, was elected to the H&R Block Franchise Leadership Council

Tax reform effect on mothers will depend on the family

May 11, 2018With the child tax credit for 2018 doubling, the tax benefit of motherhood for some could be twice as nice.

Gifts for teacher appreciation week

May 07, 2018Some gifts for teacher appreciation week mean more than others at tax time.

Always dreaming of owning a Kentucky Derby horse

May 01, 2018Having partial ownership of a Kentucky Derby horse as part of a syndicate horse ownership can be fun but it may not be a great tax deduction.

H&R Block helps nonprofits raise more than $1 million for second straight year

May 01, 2018H&R Block’s nonprofit referral program generated donations for more than 2,400 nonprofits this year, totaling more than $1 million for the second straight year.

How bonuses are taxed on draft day

April 26, 2018People who receive bonuses have to pay tax on that income. H&R Block explains how bonuses are taxed.

H&R Block Reports Growth in U.S. Tax Return Volume Through April 19; To Announce Fiscal 2018 Results on June 12, 2018

April 24, 2018H&R Block today released its preliminary U.S. tax results, which reflect overall tax return volume growth compared to the prior year.

4 tax acts of green for Earth day

April 22, 2018In April, going green with taxes usually means getting the maximum refund or using the “money-colored” tax prep brand, but on Earth day, it means a little more

Didn’t file taxes? Not a problem for these four groups of people

April 19, 2018Not filing taxes by April can mean penalties and interest for most of us, but not everyone’s filing deadline is in April. Find out who has an extended tax deadline.

Filing an extension? Don’t forget IRS tax payment

April 18, 2018The IRS offers an extension of time to file a tax return, but not to pay any taxes due. Know what is required to avoid or minimize penalties for missing the tax deadline.

H&R Block Names Vinoo Vijay as Chief Marketing Officer

April 17, 2018H&R Block announced that Vinoo Vijay will become the company’s Chief Marketing Officer, effective April 23, 2018. Vijay brings a 20-year history of innovative and creative marketing and business accomplishments.

How to avoid the 10 most common tax penalties

April 16, 2018Penalties for not filing a tax return or not paying taxes are well-known, but there are many more tax penalties. Knowing how to avoid them when possible, and minimize them when unavoidable, is key.

H&R Block offers clutch tax tips for procrastinators

April 13, 2018The tax deadline moved back a couple days, along with H&R Block’s extended hours, gives procrastinators more time and more help to file.

Tax-advantaged accounts that save the day, tax day and everyday

April 12, 2018Tax-advantaged accounts for medical, retirement, education and child care expenses make it easier to save for future needs and save on a current – or even prior – tax bills.

H&R Block’s vast product lineup lets taxpayers file however they want

April 10, 2018The April 17 deadline is closing in on millions of taxpayers who still need to file their tax returns.

Answers to last-minute tax return questions

April 05, 2018With the clock ticking down to April 17, time is running out to answer those pressing “what if” tax questions. Even those who have already filed might face an unexpected tax “what if.”

Top tax questions and answers

April 04, 2018Nobody knows the pulse of the taxpayer the way Block does. H&R Block answers more questions from all kinds of filers than anyone else, from DIYers to assisted filers.

H&R Block advises DIY clients on how to prepare for taxes at end of season

April 03, 2018Get prepared to file your taxes yourself even if you’re a little behind schedule. H&R Block’s DIY products make it easy to file your return towards the end of tax season.

You may be procrastinating on your taxes if…

April 02, 2018Millions of taxpayers wait until the last minute to file their tax returns. In the past, more than one in three taxpayers who filed before the April deadline waited until April to file.

Cat food expenses and other unusual tax deductions

March 30, 2018One of the things people care about most when filing their tax return is getting the most money back, which means not overlooking those strange tax deductions.

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Tax Reform: Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

H&R Block advises taxpayers that while many of the changes will not affect individual taxpayers’ tax liability until they file their 2018 tax return in 2019, virtually all taxpayers will be impacted beginning January 1, 2018 including changes to their paychecks in early 2018.

DIY Products

Learn more about H&R Block’s DIY products. Throughout the tax season, this page will be updated to include press releases, product comparison sheets, graphics and other content.

H&R Block Tax Pro Go

Starting Jan. 5, with the innovative, new H&R Block Tax Pro GoSM experience, H&R Block clients can do what they want and get their taxes done by a tax professional.

Disaster and Casualty Loss Tax Advisory Service

H&R Block will be offering a new, nationwide free tax advisory service to help victims navigate extensive tax relief options

H&R Block with Watson

H&R Block explains how the new collaboration with Watson affects you and your taxes.


A new tax law requires the IRS to hold entire refunds of millions of taxpayers until at least Feb. 15.