Your security is our priority.

You trust us with your most sensitive information. And we’re committed to protecting it from unauthorized access. H&R Block protection combines several layers of security technologies and policies to safeguard your data.

Multiple layers of protection.

Web browsing encryption

A secure connection is established between your browser and our servers, encrypting any data that’s passed, and protecting the privacy of that data.

Multi-layer authentication

Several layers of authentication are used when you log in to protect your security and your H&R Block account from unauthorized access.

Industry standard encryption

Industry standard encryption technology safeguards your sensitive information while it’s electronically sent to the IRS.

Security protection team

Our H&R Block security protection team is committed to monitoring and safeguarding your personal data, 24/7.

Secure facilities

To thoroughly maintain data security, we physically secure our data centers, network, and servers.

External inspections

For additional protection, we use external security experts to perform audits and assess potential risks.