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Tax return online vs. traditional methods

Filing an online tax return is often presented as an easy alternative to traditional filing practices, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the process is self-explanatory.

There are a number of important factors to consider when choosing the right service provider and taking advantage of deduction opportunities.

How to file taxes online

Wondering how to file taxes online? You can do it a number of ways with the help of H&R Block:

 1- Free online: File simple returns for free with H&R Block. This option is ideal for students, W-2 employees, and those receiving unemployment income.

2 – Deluxe: This option to file taxes online is ideal for those looking to maximize credits & deductions, plus HSA contributions.

3 – Premium: Gain access to tax-saving tools for investments and expenses.

4 – Self-employed: Do you work for yourself or have gig income? Use our self-employment program to file taxes online.

Tips to file taxes online

While there are many options to file a tax return online, you should be mindful of some key best practices to e-file taxes. Start with these tips on how to file taxes online for a successful experience:

couple filing taxes online

1 – Only choose IRS-authorized e-filers

Tax identity theft continues with the growth of e-filing tax services. In many cases, the problem involves using an e-file tax platform that isn’t authorized by the IRS. There are important steps to take to help safeguard your information if you’re working directly with a tax pro. For one, make sure to take advantage of the authorized IRS e-file provider locator, which allows you to contact an IRS-authorized tax professional in your area who has an approved electronic filing program. You can also refer to the Directory of Federal Tax Return Preparers with Credentials and select qualifications.

2 – Take advantage of IRA contributions and other tax deductions

Say you went through the whole e-file process and aren’t exactly happy with the figure you got. One thing you can do to lower the amount of tax due is to make a deductible IRA contribution. With most tax deductions, the deadline for your tax return is December 31 of the previous year. However, those who qualify for IRA contributions can make them up until the tax deadline the following year. Choosing this method can help you keep more of your money in the long run.

3 – Maximize available tax credits

Tax credits are potential refund boosters. In fact, they reduce your taxes dollar-for-dollar of taken.

So, if you have a $500 credit, you reduce your taxes by $500. Many taxpayers don’t even realize potential tax credit opportunities. Here are some common tax credits:

4 – Choose direct deductions and deposits

One of the most convenient aspects of filing a tax return online is that you can pay with a debit or credit card or take the funds directly from your bank account. Direct deduction and deposit is typically the fastest way to undergo the process, while also reducing the risk of identity theft and processing errors.

Hands-on help to file a tax return online

H&R Block is an IRS-approved center for filing tax returns online. If you have questions or concerns about getting everything covered before filing, our tax professionals would be happy to help you optimize your tax return online. With over 11,000 locations across the country, you can count on easy accessibility and maximum convenience.

File by yourself from any device, any time, with expert help if you need it.

Make an appointment.

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