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October 10, 2013 : Meg Favreau - Guest Contributor

Editor’s Note: Planning ahead and realizing you need some extra cash for the holidays and for the new year? Consider looking into temp jobs that pop up toward around the holidays. Here are the best seasonal jobs to pursue from a guest contributor at WiseBread.

I know it might sound like an oxymoron, but if you have free time around the holidays, taking on a seasonal job is a great way to earn money for gifts or travel, save up for a vacation, pay off debt, or bolster your emergency fund. Here are some of the industries that are most likely to hire seasonal employees and information on how you can find seasonal jobs.

1 – Retail Jobs

Retail stores are some of the easiest places to find seasonal employment, since major retailers add thousands of temporary jobs in November and December. Ask at stores in your area whether they’ll be hiring seasonal employees, and how you can apply. Or check out Walmart and Macy’s – they’re definitely hiring seasonal employees.

Also, while retailers do need extra help in stores, consider other parts of the retail pipeline that might need extra assistance as well. Businesses might hire extra call center employees to process orders or warehouse employees to help fulfill them. To find these jobs, visit the website of a company in your area, and check out its jobs page. Or take a look at Amazon – they recently announced the hiring of 70,000 seasonal employees this year.

2 – Restaurant Jobs

Like stores, restaurants will often hire seasonal help to assist with increased traffic and employee time off. Ask local restaurants if they’re hiring and how you can apply.

You can also reach out to local catering and party planning companies. With all of the holiday parties in December, they sometimes take on additional employees as well.

3 – Shipping Jobs

While restaurants and retail are two of the biggest (and most obvious) sectors that hire seasonal employees, they’re not the only ones. After all, someone has to deliver all of those gifts you order, and shipping companies often hire seasonal drivers or driver’s helpers. Check out the job sites for UPSFedEx and DHL –or check with local courier companies.

4 – Entertainment and Recreation Jobs

There are entertainment opportunities as well, and more than just being Santa or one of his elves at the mall. Some summertime amusement parks will also reopen briefly around the holidays – if you have an amusement park in your area, call to ask if they’ll be open and hiring seasonal employees.

And while they’re not holiday-specific, ski areas are a great place to get winter work – plus you can keep earning after the holidays are over.

5 – Your Existing Job

Ask your boss if there are opportunities at your current job to pick up more hours leading up to the holidays. Or if you’re a college student and you have a summer job in your hometown, give them a call to see if they might need extra help when you’re home for winter break. For example, my sister was able to pick up shifts at the restaurant she worked at during the summer.

[BONUS]: More Places to Search for the Best Seasonal Jobs

Where can you find more information on the best seasonal jobs out there? Many popular job search websites have sections just for seasonal employment. Check out seasonal job listings on:

Do you work part-time around the holidays or summer? 

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Meg Favreau - Guest Contributor

Meg is the Senior Editor of personal finance and frugal living site Wise Bread. She lives in Los Angeles, where she performs sketch comedy and spends a lot of time thinking about new things to cook.

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